Production monitoring

Monitor your production in real time

Visually follow live production with the help of self-drawn, continuously updated diagrams. Or, view monitored production signals in table format. Create process diagrams and display them in PlantPerformance.

Following modules are included in the production monitoring suite

  • PlantPerformance platform

    A modular software platform forms the basis for the various product suites.

  • Production view

    Enables real-time production data to be viewed using custom-designed graphics.

  • Targeted information

    Tool for sending messages to defined user groups or areas. Allows shifts to pass on…

  • Historian

    PlantPerformance’s own historian database is used for storage of production data.

Business benefits

    Centralize information - View the production status of your entire plant in a single system
    Increase awareness - Allow all employees to follow the status of live production