PlantPerformance Suites


PlantPerformance is a powerful business intelligence solution for improving productivity and operational efficiency. It is based on a modular platform that is easily configured, can be expanded as needed, and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

We have created a number of product suites, so you can focus on what is most important to you. Whatever you need, PlantPerformance has the answer.

Availability monitoring

Know your availability. Register all production stoppages – either automatically or manually – and add comments and explanations where needed. Use the information to improve production efficiency. Monitor your availability KPIs in real time.

Performance monitoring

Measure your speed. Automatically register any production deviation from manually set performance goals. Monitor your performance KPIs in real time. Or, select trend view to see how actual performance compares with your goals for a particular period.

Quality monitoring

Stay on top of quality. Manually register rejected units or batches and monitor your quality KPIs in real time.

Electronic logbook

Make information more easily available. Replace your paper-based operator logbooks with an efficient electronic logbook. Set up permissions and user groups for entering, collecting, reviewing and searching for production-related information. Use the data as shift reports. Make print-outs as needed or export information to Excel.

Condition based maintenance

Change to preventive maintenance. Reduce maintenance costs by monitoring your equipment in real time. Avoid the need for maintenance rounds and regular checks. Assign one or more state algorithms for each object or object type. Let the system inform you (email/SMS/work order) when it is time for inspection. Gather all information relating to the equipment (operational entries, electrical drawings, manuals) in one place.

Mobile monitoring

Stay in control, wherever you are. Continue to monitor activities even when you are away from your desk. View the standard dashboard, or your own customized dashboard, via any web browser or on your mobile device.

Production monitoring

Monitor your production in real time. Visually follow live production with the help of self-drawn, continuously updated diagrams. Or, view monitored production signals in table format. Create process diagrams and display them in PlantPerformance.

Statistical process control

Catch problems at your earliest opportunity. Keep a watch on selected parameters using CUSUM or Shewhart control charts. Configure warning alarms to go off if values fall outside of set limits. Acknowledge warnings and add additional remarks.

Report Basic

Generate standard reports easily and quickly. Use PlantPerformance to display any report created in the SQL Server Reporting Services. Configure your own category tree to allow one-click report generation. Choose report formats from a set of standard templates.

Report advanced

Generate comprehensive reports from complex data. Create impressive customized reports by analyzing enormous volumes of data extremely quickly.