Performance monitoring

Measure your speed

Automatically register any production deviation from manually set performance goals. Monitor your performance KPIs in real time. Or, select trend view to see how actual performance compares with your goals for a particular period.

Following modules are included in the perfromance monitoring suite

  • PlantPerformance platform

    A modular software platform forms the basis for the various product suites.

  • Performance manager

    Configuration tool for automatic performance monitoring.

  • Trend view

    Enables user to view, comment and categorize production performance or process trends in a comprehensive…

  • Performance real time report

    Provides real-time status view of production performance using standard or customized dashboard.

  • Targeted information

    Tool for sending messages to defined user groups or areas. Allows shifts to pass on…

  • Historian

    PlantPerformance’s own historian database is used for storage of production data.

Business benefits

    Increase productivity - Operate equipment more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing costs
    Compare and improve - Compare production data between periods (different shifts) and between objects (different machines), so you can identify and implement best practices
    Better operator awareness - Teach operators about the equipment; Focus their attention on minimizing losses and grow their feeling of ownership
    Reduce maintenance costs - Reduce equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs and improve equipment life cycle management
    More committed personnel - Improve labor efficiency and increase productivity by empowering operators and giving them greater visibility into operations
    Reduce bottlenecks - Increase productivity by quickly identifying and dealing with bottlenecks