Real-time based maintenance


Change to preventive maintenance. Reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment availabilty by monitoring the operation and condition of your equipment in real time.

Real-time monitoring with PlantMaintenance

PlantMaintenance enables one or more algorithms to be assigned to each asset or asset type. The algorithms can be based on an asset’s operational status (e.g. a pump’s total running time) or its condition (e.g. vibrations or temperature), or a combination of both.

Using real-time data from the asset, PlantMaintenance automatically informs maintenance personnel when it is time for inspection. This can be done via email, SMS or a work order in the company’s maintenance system.

Adding value to current systems

PlantMaintenance is not intended to replace established maintenance systems. Rather, it improves the effectiveness and increases the value of such systems.

As well as helping to optimize routines, it also provides a basis for continual improvement. For example, allowing users to compare the performance of several assets of the same type and then applying the best maintenance practice across that group.

In addition, the system also supports improved administration by linking all information relating to the asset (e.g. operational entries, electrical drawings and manuals) in one place.

Key functions

Assign one or more operation- or condition based algorithms to each asset or asset type. Decide how and when to notify the personnel (SMS, e-mail eller work order)

Analyse condition signals in real-time

Gather all information relating to the asset (e.g. operational entries, electrical drawings and manuals) in one place

Collect operational entries, regarding specific assets, from operators and forward them to the maintenance staff

Compare the operational status of multiple assets of the same type and then apply the best maintenance practices throughout the factory

Following modules are included in Real-time Based Maintenance suite

  • Condition based maintenance

    The module contains a list of all production equipment and creates condition based events (SMS/e-mail/work…

  • PlantPerformance platform

    A modular software platform forms the basis for the various product suites.

  • Historian

    PlantPerformance’s own historian database is used for storage of production data.


    Reduce the total cost of ownership - Condition based maintenance allows preventive and corrective actions to be scheduled at the optimal time
    Reduce maintenance costs - Reduce equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs and improve equipment life cycle management