Case stories


Just south of Stockholm, AstraZeneca operates one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in the world. With around 2,700 employees it is responsible for the global supply of six of the company's top ten products. Here, lean production is a central theme. When it came time to meet new goals for continuous improvement, AstraZeneca turned to PlantVision.


PlantPerformance – a comprehensive solution for real-time production performance management and decision support. The system collects and logs production-related data from over 200 diverse individual machine units and more than 100 analysis instruments. Real-time and historical information is made available to a wide range of users - managers, operators, lean coordinators, support and maintenance, etc.

Results are visualized in a user-friendly graphical format making them quick and easy to view, understand and use. This makes it easy for AstraZeneca to see trends and follow up its various improvement programs, e.g. identifying and implementing best practices.


Within its first 12 months of operation, PlantPerformance helped AstraZeneca to improve capacity utilization by more than 10%. This allowed the number of machines across production lines to be reduced without affecting production volumes – with the additional benefit of reducing machine support and maintenance requirements.

The success of the project has resulted in continuous expansion of the solution to incorporate more and more production units.

Every single hour of downtime on one of our paper machines costs some 6,000 dollars. Therefore it is of utmost importance for us to have consistent manufacturing quality levels and to minimize machine down time.

Anders Jons

Process Development Engineer - Stora Enso

Almost 100% of production time is now logged, including the reasons for stoppages where they occur. This has helped to significantly improve day-to-day productivity as problems can now be dealt with as soon as they arise.

Richard Wallin

Business Information Manager - AstraZeneca

Previously, each unit worked individually. Now, with a shared overview, everyone can pull together, irrespective of geographic location or area of production.

Håkan Tyni

IT Manager - LKAB

We have gained an easily understandable tool for following up and evaluating diverse aspects of production

Mikael Eriksson

Production Manager - AstraZeneca

Now, we can get exact details about machine availability at various levels, from a single machine to the whole plant

Gunilla Wagner

Production Technician - AstraZeneca