Availability monitoring

Know your availability

Register all production stoppages – either automatically or manually – and add comments and explanations where needed. Use the information to improve production efficiency. Monitor your availability KPIs in real time.

Following modules are included in the availability monitoring suite

  • PlantPerformance platform

    A modular software platform forms the basis for the various product suites.

  • Integration manager

    Integration tool for automatic availability monitoring. Integrates PlantPerformance with your current production systems.

  • Site planner

    Supports planning of production cycles and optimizing of availability measurements.

  • Availability view

    For viewing, categorizing and commenting production stops, in list view or Gantt chart.

  • Availability real time report

    Provides real-time status view of production availability using standard or customized dashboard.

  • Availability touch panel view

    Provides simple intuitive way of manually reporting production stops and monitoring OEE status of a…

  • Targeted information

    Tool for sending messages to defined user groups or areas. Allows shifts to pass on…

  • Historian

    PlantPerformance’s own historian database is used for storage of production data.

Business benefits

    Increase productivity - Operate equipment more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing costs
    Compare and improve - Compare production data between periods (different shifts) and between objects (different machines), so you can identify and implement best practices
    Better operator awareness - Teach operators about the equipment; Focus their attention on minimizing losses and grow their feeling of ownership
    Reduce maintenance costs - Reduce equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs and improve equipment life cycle management
    More committed personnel - Improve labor efficiency and increase productivity by empowering operators and giving them greater visibility into operations
    Reduce bottlenecks - Increase productivity by quickly identifying and dealing with bottlenecks